1995      MFA, Printmaking and Painting, Pratt Institute, NY

1990      BFA, Printmaking, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL                   

1993      Archaeology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

1992      Graduate Certificate, Art Ed, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL


Selected Exhibitions              



2024                      Katz JCC Gallery, Margate, NJ

2024                      Untamed, James Oliver Gallery, Phila, PA

2023                      HMVC Gallery New York, Online/New York, NY

2019                      Black Moth Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

1996                      Ceres Gallery, NY

1996                      The Law Offices of Fred and Clive Davis, NY

1994                       MFA Thesis Exhibition, Pratt Institute, NY

1993                       New Gallery, Pratt Institute, NY

1991                       Gallery 1633, Chicago, IL



2023                  HMVC Gallery New York, Paradise Pink, Online/New York, NY

                          Penn Medicine, Juried Exhibit, Cherry Hill, NJ

2022                  INLIQUID Benefit 22, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA 

                          CFEVA SECRET, Gross McCleaf Gallery, Philadelphia, PA 

2021                  INLIQUID Benefit 21, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA 

2020                  CFEVA Members Exhibition, Juried Exhibit, Philadelphia, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 20, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA 

2019                   Storytelling, The Yard, InLiquid, 5-person invitational, Phila, PA

                           WCA, Holy Family University, Juried Exhibit, Philadelphia, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 19, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA 

2018                   ACPS Annual Exhibit, The Plastics Club, Juried Exhibit, Phila, PA

                           Art Nude, Philadelphia, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 18, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA 

2017                   See-Through, James Oliver Gallery, 5-person invitational, Phila, PA

                           CFEVA Art Party, invitational, Philadelphia, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 17, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA  

2016                   CFEVA Art Party, invitational, Philadelphia, PA

                           Art Nude, invitational, Philadelphia, PA

                           Forces, James Oliver Gallery, invitational, Philadelphia, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 16, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

                           Proclamation POP, James Oliver Gallery, invitational, Phila PA

2015                   INLIQUID Benefit 15, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

                           A Celebration of Art & Life: Juried Exhibit, Penn Medicine, Phila, PA

2014                   Making Our Mark: Phila Star Wheel Printers, Ave Gallery, Phila, PA

                           Artists Against Hunger, DaVinci Art, Juror Moe Brooker, Phila, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 14, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

                           A Celebration of Art & Life: Juried Exhibit, Penn Medicine, Phila, PA

                           ARTnude: Juried Benefit Exhibit, James Oliver Gallery, Phila, PA

2013                   Paper Work, Juried Exhibit, The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie,
                           Trenton, NJ  

                           Under Pressure: Juried by Eileen Foti, West Windsor Arts, West
                           Windsor, NJ

                           A Celebration of Art & Life, Juried Exhibit, Penn Medicine, Phila, PA

                           Violence, Juried WCA Exhibit, SPP Gallery-Phila Inquirer, Phila, PA

                           INLIQUID Benefit 13, Crane Arts, Philadelphia, PA

2012                   BYOPX, Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2011                   Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

1997                   Theories of Relativity: Art in the Family, Hopkins House Gallery, NJ

1995                    Albright/Knox Museum, Invitational, Buffalo, NY

                            3-woman Juried Exhibition, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Phila, PA

                            Girlhood, Ceres Gallery, NY

                            Invitational Auction for Laura Cottingham, Flamingo East, NY

                            Phoenix Gallery, Juried by Thelma Golden curator, Whitney
                            Museum of American Art, NY

1994                    InK: Collaborative Exhibition of Printmakers, Manhattan Graphics,

                            CBGB’s Gallery, NY

                             Pratt MFA Selected Works, Juror Tiffany Bell, freelance art critic
                             & curator, NY

1993                     Hallelujah, Ceres Gallery, NY

1992                     Plethora, Idao Gallery, Chicago, IL

1991-2                  Gallery 1633, Chicago, IL

1990                      Artists Against Aids, Gallery 2, SAIC, Chicago, IL                

                              BFA Exhibition, School of the Art Institute Chicago, IL



2011      Best in show for printmaking, Student Exhibition, Fleisher Art Memorial


Collections                        James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

                                             Dr. Steven Mellul, Mellul Eye Facial Plastic Surgery, NJ

                                             Penn Medicine, Lung Center, Philadelphia, PA

                                             Ascalon Studios, NJ

                                             Dr. and Mrs. Ari Brooks, NJ

                                             Adam and Julia Roberts, NJ

                                             Lisa and Matt Lipman, NJ

                                             Christine Blair, Phila., PA

                                             Fred Davis, EMI Records, New York, NY     

                                             Artist Book Collection, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL



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InLiquid, Philadelphia, PA

Women’s Caucus for Art, Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia, PA

Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA

Graphic Artists Guild, New York, NY

CFEVA, Center for Emerging/Established Visual Artists, Philadelphia, PA